Introducing Poggenpohl +STAGE Slide-In Door

Poggenpohl introduces the new +STAGE range, available now at Itek

The functions of +STAGE can be individually defined and grouped together by means of special equipment. When the slide-in doors disappear into the side walls, an interior arrangement comes into view. Specially developed equipment can be stylishly and functionally combined, resulting in themes defined by personal choice of the elements.

Poggenpohl +Stage-Office-Interior-Design


Poggenpohl offers theme packages for a bar, office, breakfast, wardrobe, kitchen and tea as a design base. With the different themes, we illustrate how +STAGE can set a scene, in the full knowledge that there are countless ideas. With flexible planning solutions, designed from the highest quality materials with an unmistakable flair – +STAGE does it all!

This is the first of many exciting announcements from the Poggenpohl brand, look forward to more from us at Itek in the coming weeks.