Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

The new Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window from Itek Window & Doors reinvents the classic double hung window with a revolutionary new locking system. This simple overview demonstrates the ever so easy daily operation of the window as well as special features including:

– locking the window when it is partially open for fresh air and peace of mind in a vent mode
– opening the top half of the window for added ventilation
– an easier way to wash the window using the tilt-and-wash function
– automatically locking the top half of the window to eliminate drafts

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The Marvin Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window seamlessly combines state-of-the-art technology with Marvin’s legendary craftsmanship without sacrificing the traditional double hung look. The large variety of available sizes and the unmatched performance is what sets this double hung apart from the rest.

Therefore, ask yourself “Is there another window on the market that does all the above”
Not sure? continue reading and decide for yourself!

• Multi-point Locking System: Revolutionary system locks directly into the jamb
• Aluminum Inter-lock: Eliminates drafts and improves the overall structural performance
• Vent Mode: Allows you to lock the window while it is open 4 inches.
• Narrow Checkrail: A 50mm checkrail provides a traditional look.
• Complete Wood Interior
• Shorter Sill Liner
• 14-degree sill bevel

Standard Specifications

• One-pane Low E2 with argon insulating glass
• Bare wood interior
• Satin Taupe keeperless lock
• Auto Lock – sash locking system
• Independent locking sash
• Vent Mode
• Tilt-able sash for easy washing