Marvin Contemporary Studio

Builders, developers and architects come from all over the world to see the latest trends and products in the industry–and Marvin is right there in the thick of it. Even if you’re not a builder, IBS 2016 was a great place to see what Marvin can offer for your home. Here is a video of this year’s new Marvin Contemporary Studio.

The beautiful thing about contemporary design is the way it embodies timeless truths: that air and light may be the greatest luxuries of all, that less isn’t just more, it’s the essence of sustainability. And that style isn’t about impressing others but about expressing yourself. Marvin® Windows and Doors joins strong lines, an approachable aesthetic and natural materials for a contemporary residential or commercial environment that’s not just beautiful, but liveable. Combining highly durable, infinitely recyclable aluminum with the natural warmth of wood, a renewable resource, and the latest glazing technologies, Marvin delivers environmentally responsible, high performance products. An inspired contemporary vision is both beautiful and sustainable. Let us help you to realize yours.

Contemporary is characterized by the advancements in design that were developed in the mid-20th century, Inspired from the International and Bauhaus architectural styles. The Contemporary home favours organic shapes and indoor-outdoor living. Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater” is one of the most famous early examples of a Contemporary home.

You don’t need to go across the pond to see the new contemporary lines from Marvin Windows & Doors, just visit Itek Window & Doors here in Library St, where one of our experts will guide you through these fabulous windows & doors.