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Through millenia we have eaten food prepared in one form or another, from ancient cave dwellers to aspiring professionals, from rogues to royalty. We all love to eat, we love to cook, but something about who we are really inspires where we love to eat and how we love to entertain. Let YOUR kitchen be a place for you to be inspired and inspire your friends and family, lovingly.


What does your bedroom say about YOU? Are you smart, aloof, shy, outgoing? Your bedroom speaks volumes about who YOU really are…

You may concentrate on appearances al through the rest of your house, but in the bedroom comfort should be supreme. I think that bedrooms should express your personal preferences in every way… Of all the rooms in the house your bedroom is yours.

Dorothy Draper, In the Pink


For Romans, their baths were an integral part of everyday life, not simply as a way to bathe and relax, but as important centres for discussion of business and political matters. Today, forget business and just take some time out for yourself… have a bath and relax your mind and spirit, YOU Deserve It.

Never lose sight of this important truth, that no one can be truly great until he has gained a knowledge of himself, a knowledge which can only be acquired by occasional retirement.

Johann Georg von Zimmermann