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Itek Windows & Doors with many years of industry experience, would be the first to tell you that your windows are the eyes of your property and are the defining factor in creating the right look you desire for your home. When choosing windows or doors, you will need to consider their style, colour, quality and the ever important energy efficiency. Itek Windows & Doors are renown for delivering quality windows and doors, such as Marvin, Integrity & Boavista. Why not let our experts guide you through the process will bring new life to your home.


Itek Window & Doors vast selection of doors evaluate the opening you are looking for. From the simple designs of the plain simple entrance door,  sliding doors that set the industry benchmark for effortless and graceful operation to scenic doors which bring the outdoors in by elegantly and effortlessly connecting your inside space with the environment found right outside your doors. You don’t want anything to stand between you and your view. Itek Windows & Doors portfolio of high performance doors include ranges from Marvin, Integrity & Boavista.