Bedroom Types in Gibraltar

Bedrooms are categorised into different types depending on their size and function, and usually fall into one of three: master/primary, children’s and guest, which most of us have in Gibraltar. Nowadays, we love to step out of the norm and have changed bedrooms into gyms, pet areas, workshops etc. The list is endless, and the creativity is awe-inspiring, but we’ve stuck to the main 3, for now...

Bedrooms are a special and distinct place that allow you to get away from the real world. It’s where you rest, relax, sleep, have a siesta, work, study, watch TV, exercise and countless other activities! So, it’s important that the design and functionality of each room is equipped for the person occupying it.  

Master/Primary Bedrooms

Adults love to have a tranquil environment within their bedroom, especially when escaping from everyday stresses. Many new designs encompass the getaway feeling many long for with sliding doors, which lead you to a balcony or patio, and into the outside world within your own room. If you are lucky enough, you may also have the stunning views of the Bay of Gibraltar or the wonderful greenery of the beautiful rock. Nevertheless, outside space is always a plus regardless of the view!

Master/primary bedrooms are usually the largest rooms in the house and often have an en-suite bathroom and/or walk-in wardrobe. Many adjust the room size to fit in one of these options to make it the optimal place with everything to hand.  

The average size ranges from 18m2 to 26m2, but can be as little as 11m2 and as big as one can imagine! It all depends on the house size and the number of rooms, with property owners sometimes opting to merge rooms, so they have a bigger area to play with. This of course comes in handy when having a multi-functional room, but even if the space is small, you can still make use of the area you have with clever planning and design. 

Designing a Master Bedroom 

Designing a master bedroom can be a magical experience, especially if you have an empty shell. If you are purchasing a new build or considering upgrading your bedroom then have a look at these ideas and ask yourself these questions: 

  • How will I use this space (apart from the obvious - sleeping... reading, resting, work, hobbies etc)? 
  • Who will be using the space (partner, pets, etc.)? 
  • What will you be storing (clothing, personal items, gym equipment, etc)? 
  • What is your budget?
  • What are my needs for this space? 
  • What would be a bonus to have, budget permitting? 
  • Is storage or space an issue? 
  • Is there lots of natural light? If so, how will you aid your sleep (tinted windows, installed blinds, shutters etc) 
  • What is the overall aesthetic you envision? 
  • How might you feel about this room in 3 years, 5 years or even 10 years? 

Children’s Bedroom 

With a third of the population in Gibraltar under 24 years of age, this section is one of the most important for investment and growth throughout the years.

You’ve probably had experience designing a bedroom, but you’ll soon find out that designing a kid’s bedroom is a whole new ball game! It’s one of the fun projects, as their ideas will be part of the requirements, if they are old enough to have their input. But, even designing a nursery or playroom, can be successful with long-term thinking. 

It really does pay off to plan the decorating scheme and what furniture you will be using. Remember children's needs and tastes change as they grow, so ensuring you plan for the future will help your budget and avoid costly mistakes. 

Shared Room  

For many families, a shared bedroom is a necessity. Sometimes you have more people than bedrooms or you may decide to convert a room into a study. Whatever the reason, shared rooms are the way forward in many homes. 

Invest in bunk beds with storage

We can never stress the importance of storage in any room, but if you are going to invest in bunk beds, make sure it incorporates storage options. This increases the floor space and allows for more room for play, activities etc. 

Build a room divider 

Giving your children their individual space is important, especially if they are older. Room dividers can also provide extra storage and can also be mirrored to make the room look bigger. 

Headboards with storage 

If space is an issue, you might not be able to fit a night table, dressers or book shelf, so choosing a headboard with storage will allow children to place some of their favourite belongings and make it more personal. 

L-shaped layout 

Arranging furniture strategically is an art and of course makes the room feel bigger. If you line the beds against the wall or raise them above the other in an ‘L’, they can provide plenty of space and storage solutions 

Pull-out (trundle) beds 

These are great if you are really short on space. You can have 2 pull out beds, which means 3 sharing a room. They are also easy to push back in place and the top bed can be transformed into a sofa for chilling during the day or when watching a film.


Over 13% of the population in Gibraltar are teenagers and if they find themselves bored, which they normally do, kitting out their room to their standards is a decision you won’t regret. 

Now this may seem like a daunting task for some adults, but it is feasible if you think outside the box and in line with what your child wants & needs. To any teenager their bedroom allows them to show-off their style because for them it’s not just a place to rest, they invite their friends over, have homework assignments, study, enjoy playing their favourite games or watching a series or film. It’s not just a bedroom for them and therefore, it’s only right that their bedroom is full of everything they like, space permitting of course. 

Make your teenagers room a hangout in Gibraltar

Having a bed that transforms into a seating area or a bunk that has an underneath sofa is perfect for them to have friends over or just chill in their own space.  

Soundproofing will save your ears 

Teenagers love to play music, have a laugh with their friends, sing, play video games or play an instrument, and in turn may make your ears bleed! With this in mind, you may want to consider some sort of soundproofing, maybe not just for you, but the neighbours too... 

Smart storage 

With after school activities, hobbies etc, teenagers tend to accumulate a lot of personal belongings, so it's important to have enough storage. Think under/above bed, fitted wardrobes, trunks

Study area 

Most of us have had the recent experience of working from home and there is nothing worse than having an uncomfortable place to sit down and work for hours on end. With studies taking place during these years, it’s important they have the right area, which incorporates a desk, lighting, seating and ample room for their books. Also consider a wall where they can add their calendars and vision boards etc. 


With 13.8 births per 1,000 population in Gibraltar (2020 est), there is a big chance your planning will fall under this category. You are probably jumping for joy if you are planning a baby room or nursery and want it perfect in every way for your new arrival. Planning and time keeping is of utmost important, as you’ll have a plus 1 as soon as you know it. 

Fabric before paint 

We sometimes find the most beautiful quilts, cot bumper or curtains, only to find it doesn’t go with the paint or wallpaper we’ve already splashed across the room. If you choose the fabric first then you can easily match the room colour choice to it, as there is an array of colours available at your fingertips. The hardest part here is which one to choose. Remember to go for something that will grow with your baby. 

Ceiling decorations 

Babies spend most of their time on their backs, so keeping them occupied within that position is simply done with painting the ceiling a different colour, adding soothing lighting that twinkles or painting a mural. 

Eco furniture

Thinking of going green is not only good for the planet, but also for you and your baby. Most products used have many chemicals that dissipate slowly and reduce the air quality. Consider going for solid wood where possible with natural finishes. 

Changing station/unit 

It's frustrating when you’ve forgotten something in the midst of changing your baby. With a well-prepared changing station with the right amount of storage, it will be done with ease, well for some! 

Get creative with storage 

Being prepared is vital when having a new baby and the outfit changes are endless in a day, so having a decent amount of storage by ways of draws is vital. There are also bulkier items such as walkers or even prams where you may not have the space to store them, so consider creating a space for these items and you won’t have them around the house in sight or anywhere you can trip over them. The endless toys also need a loving home, so make sure you plan out the storage options for each of your baby’s stages. 

Ceiling fans 

In this climate it can get exceptionally hot and uncomfortable in the house. To ensure a good night's rest think about adding a ceiling fan that can also be a distraction for your baby to look at whilst in their cot. If feeds are done within the bedroom, then the cool air will be a godsend. 


Dimmers are probably your best option in a nursery, as you don’t want strong lights affecting your baby’s sleep or waking them up if you need to get something from the bedroom.  

Baby proofing 

Last but definitely not least or may we say probably the most important point. Ensuring the room is safe for your child is the first thing to take into account when designing the nursery. Furniture that does not topple over or fitted pieces are best when considering your options. When having bespoke pieces made, you can also decide on rounded corner finishes to complete the room. 


With most of us having big families and plenty of friends, there is no doubt guests will stay over from time to time, so having a room where they can stay comfortably is ideal. 

Keeping the room to light, neutral colours is best, to ensure a calming environment for your guest to relax. Provide plenty of lighting, should they be using the room for work/studying or even relaxing at night with a good book.

Ensure you have an empty part of a wardrobe and drawer, so they have the space to put their clothes and personal items. 

So there you have the top three bedroom types and a handful of ideas on how to transform your personal space. If this has got you thinking of transforming one of your rooms then contact one of our Inspiration Experts and they'll be happy to hear your ideas and give you some guidance on best practice. 

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