Bosch serie 8

The Series 8 range from Bosch has been optimised to meet your needs. The outcome of this is a new generation of Bosch built-in appliances. Perfect built-in appliances must do one thing above all: make your household tasks much easier. With this in mind, the quality, the functions and the design offer even greater ease of use.

Thanks to the Bosch Assist, you don’t have to worry about finding the precise information on temperature or cooking time for your oven anymore. Simply select the desired dish in the control panel and your oven automatically recommends the ideal heating mode, shelf level temperature and length of time.

All you need to do is press, ‘Start’.

Truly perfect baking and roasting requires not only the ideal temperature, but also the appropriate heating mode. With 4D Hotair you can place your food on any of the four shelf levels and the results will be consistently perfect. Serie 8 ovens offer up to 15 different heating modes that deliver great results, whatever the dish.

For help with how to get the best from PerfectRoast and PerfectBake, download the free Serie 8 companion app for iPad and Android tablets from the App Store or Google play.


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