Convent Signature Windows 2016

The Challenge

When the government of Gibraltar contacted us in 2015 about Itek submitting a proposal for the replacement of all the heritage windows at Convent place we were delighted and anxious all at the same time.  Of all the windows that needed replacing the feature windows in the office of The Chief Minister of Gibraltar were the main challenge we faced.  The number one condition of the project was that the new windows needed to be like for like to preserve the heritage design of the building.  Excited to be part of such a unique project we set to work straight away...

The Solution

With no time to waste the Itek design team started planning their strategy and before long the decision was made that the existing feature windows needed to be removed and sent to the Marvin Windows architectural department in America to ensure exact replicas were manufactured. The effort to extract these old windows in perfect condition was a daunting task but one the team was up for in spades. Over the course of the manufacturing and ocean shipping process the team planned and planned for the delivery and installaion phase of the project. The new feature windows would need to be craned onto the top floor of the building which meant closing off the street and performing the task at night. With all the planning complete and all the arrangements made it was time to execute the strategy.

The Marvin Architectural department at work!

The Results

When the day came to complete the delivery to site, Itek's team was ready thanks to months of meetings and planning. A nail biting delivery at night into the offices of the Chief Minister was completed and now the installation process was to start. Our in house installers along with our third party preferred window installation company completed the job within the 48 hours we were given access to the building and the reaction we received from the government was one of amazement and joy. They could not believe their eyes, one employee commented, "I can't believe those are different windows, they look exactly the same, well done Itek!"

To this day we still service the windows and people still tell us how amazing the windows are and how great the the team from Itek had been.  

In the end, it really was a proud moment for Itek being able to help preserve such an important piece of Gibraltar heritage and history.


Case Study

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